2. Methods

Data Collection
The data will be gathered through an online survey and the platform used will be Google Form. We will ask a total of 9 questions. The duration of the survey will be 14 days. We will be emailing the survey to every student in SST and we will also be sharing the link on Facebook.

Field of Study

Secondary1-4 students from the following schools:
- School of Science and Technology Students
- Local IP school students
- Local express school students

Survey Questions
1. What school are you from?
2. What level are you in?
(Choose from a list- Secondary 1-4)
3. Do you own a laptop/computer?
(Choose from a list- Yes/No)
4. How many hours of sleep do you get during normal school days?
(Choose from a list- <5, >5<9, >9)
The recommended hours of sleep for teenagers is 9 hours (National Sleep Foundation, 2011) and anything below 5 hours is unhealthy (Christian N., 2010)
5. What is your bedtime during normal school days?
6. How many hours do you spend on your laptop/computer every day doing non school-related activities?
(Choose from a list- 0 hours-more than 9 hours)
7. Do you have less than 10 hours of sleep daily?
(Choose from a list- Yes/No)
8. If yes, what is the reason?
9. Do you use your computer for schoolwork?
(Choose from a list- Yes/No)

Actual Survey


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